Who is Nathan Small?

My name is Nathan Small and I am  a fashion, advertising and portrait photographer based in London. This is me:

Born in 1984 in beautiful sunny Croydon, I apparently  first took up photography at a very young age but my camera was cruelly confiscated because according my mother I was “taking pictures of anything and it was costing a fortune”.

I was allowed to start again aged 15 when I studied GCSE photography, then A-level photography and took perfectly mediocre, sometimes even in-focus pictures for the next few years, which led me to study at Nottingham Trent University where I concentrated on street portraiture and realised I had a knack for getting quite a lot of emotion and honesty from people.

After graduating I spent the next few years assisting where by far the bulk of my learning took place and I started to shoot seriously and with a style that I believed in, concentrating on imaginative lighting and building good rapport with my models. It was during this time I started to get my own small commissions and some big exhibitions like the Taylor Wessing Prize at The National Portrait Gallery and decided to try going it alone. Since then I have been lucky enough to be given huge campaigns from international agencies, exhibited in several shows and been noted as ‘one to watch in the future’ by industry bigwigs.

You can see some of the personal, editorial and commercial work I have done to date on my website HERE

This brings us to now. This blog is intended to track my work, from personal to commissions and will hopefully provide anyone that is interested with a bit of insight into how I work, what I love and where I’m going.

Power to the People

Nathan Small


One Response to Who is Nathan Small?

  1. Iain Munro says:


    Love the new Stella stuff.

    Really, really engaging and lighting that drew me up.
    Whizzed around to a couple of my art directors who were well impressed.

    Glad to see you’re doing well mate.

    I let you know if we ever do anything vaguely interesting that you’d want to be involved with.


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